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Universal Avalanche Airbag

Low cost. Attaches to any backpack harness or other gear. No specific backpack needed.


No need for a bulky backpack. Just attach the pouch and be avy-safer.


Adaptable to a variety of gear and variety of avy dangered activities.


Easy to refill, to use and to travel with.

One size fits all

One compact, lightweight, one size fits all.

Avy Pouch Cutout w logo

Compact, lightweight & easily handled.

Easy to attach and remove, as well as test and reassemble. The Avy Pouch uses simple proven technologies already used in demanding Military, Aviation, Marine and skydiving environments.

Problem and Opportunity

Pains to cure

★ Easy travel ★ Cheaper ★ Use your own pack ★ Small & lightweight ★ Easy and cheap refills ★ No New Backpack required

Opportunities to tap

★ Need for the product in other customer segments ★ No similar option on the market

Who is affected?

★ Snowmobilers, skiers, ice climbers, guides, snow patrollers, pilots, rescue teams, hikers. ★ Guide companies and gear rental & ski patrol groups.

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We’ve applied proven Military, Marine and skydiving technology, for the first-time ever, to Avalanche Airbags in our patented design

Patented Design

•U.S. Patent No. 10,238,918 • The Avy Pouch inventor is a retired U.S. Army helicopter pilot and avid backcountry skier. He developed a new application from existing military, aviation, marine and sky diving technology.

Lightest and Lowest Cost

• We keep costs low and materials light through leveraging technology already prevalent in the military, marine and aviation industries.

Tried & True Design

• Inspired by the time-tested process of deploying a parachute, our system activates by pulling grips for flotation and impact protection.


Ray, Founder & Retired U.S. Army Helicopter Pilot

He is the Founder of Avy Pouch, retired U.S. Army Helicopter Pilot and graduate of the University of Idaho. He has owned and operated a Coffee Cafe and Roasting company. He is the current owner and operator of a Wholesale distribution company operating in the State of Alaska. An avid skier and outdoor explorer. He is a lifetime member of the American Legion, AMVETS, Secretary of the Alaska Chapter of the fellowship of flying Rotarians and a member of Snow Sports Industry Association.

Contact Us

For more information Please email Ray@avypouch.com